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Sr. Ltd Partnership 1.0

The 13preneur Quazi-Emerging Economies Co-Founders Partnership One (QE CFP-1) is a pre-cursor Partnership to 4 Acquisition-centred Entities to raise capital & be listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange as Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs) and Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs). These are:

- Harriet's Education Group Ltd (a ZAR 4 billion / US$ 320 million Basic Education SPAC),

- Youth Upskilled Ltd (a ZAR 4 billion / US$ 320 million Skills Development SPAC),

- Leocadia's Homes Ltd (a ZAR 5 billion / US$ 400 million pre-debt Affordable Housing REIT),

- Blue Pozi Accommodation Ltd (a ZAR 2 billion / US$ 160 million pre-debt Student Accommodation REIT).


QE CFP-1 aims to raise non-drawable commitments to the sum of ZAR 240 million (minimum of ZAR 600'000.00/ US$ 48'000.00, total pool of US$ 19.2 million), to be placed in an interest-bearing Escrow Account solely for interest beneficiation purposes. Upon successful commitment/capital raising of the said SPACs & REITs, these funds will be returned in full to Senior Limited Partners in return for a share in Management Fees and Founder’s shareholding.

To receive a full disclosure document (QE CFP-1 Fact Sheet) about the above, kindly e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.












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