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Developmental Programs

"The Gini coefficient is a measure of statistical dispersion intended to represent the income distribution of a nation's residents, and is the most commonly used measure of inequality."

One of the socio-economic debris from the past centuries has been the levels of inequality experienced by the gross population amidst the levels of prosperity in developing countries. The continuance of this will most certainly result in social unrest, as such developmental initiatives that are being planned for the present century must be vigorously executed. As such, we envision our role in the execution of these initiatives as "propellers" through ensuring consistent and accountable engagements with key role players. These will be in the form of forums, discussion summits and the like over periods of time adequate to gauge milestones achieved and shortfalls requiring attention.

The initial economy that 13preneur Developmental Programs will focus on is one of the most unequal in the world, South Africa. The National Development Plan in the Republic of South Africa has been tabled as being the guide to the realization of developmental aspirations. Much like our approach in other developmental economies, our role will be in propelling the process. We will do this through hosting "National Development Plan Conversations", which will isolate aspects of the NDP, engage, inspire and challenge stakeholders therein towards the realization of their respective milestones.

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