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Philanthropic Partnerships

When asked about what they think about Corporate Social Investment, most people (and Corporates) will say "hand-outs", "can you please assist us?", "grants", and so forth. Our approach to CSI aims to disrupt this thought pattern.

The building blocks upon which the CSI model rests, comprises of a deep understanding of the strategic objectives of Corporations coupled with a strong emphasis on rewarding employee/public participation. This view ultimately ensure that CSI no longer be a grudge to tick-off, but that it becomes a pleasurable exercise for Corporations and their employees/the general public.

With the above pillar solidified, a sustainable effort at doing the real work of the foundation will then be ensured. Nothing brings us more joy and satisfaction than seeing the ideal of changing the life trajectory of the marginalized in our societies realized.

We have facilitated partnerships with like-minded institutions in our CSI programs. Our current partnerships are with the following institutions:

1. Ntibi Cares Foundation (Child-Headed Households; Sport-related programs)

2. Thuto-Tsebo Foundation (Tertiary Education Bursaries)

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