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General Partners

Our fundamental approach is econo-centric, in that the first filter we use to differentiate is on the basis of the stage in development of the economies targeted. These we have categorized as follows:

  • Low Income Economies: GDP per capita of less than US$ 2 000
  • Quazi-Emerging Economies: GDP per capita of US$ 2 001 - US$ 2 999
  • Emerging Economies: GDP per capita of US$ 3 000 - US$ 8 999 
  • Quazi-Developed Economies: GDP per capita of US$ 9 000 - US$ 17 000
  • Developed Economies: GDP per capita of more than US$ 17 000


The GDP per capita is the fundamental but not the only indicator that we use. In accordance with the Global Competitive Index (as developed by the World Economic Forum), we further extrapolate the global standing of each economy on the following:

  1. - Institutional development/maturity;
  2. - Infrastructure; 
  3. - Macro Economic status;
  4. - Health and Primary Education;
  5. - Higher Education & Training; 
  6. - Goods Market efficiency;
  7. - Labour Market Efficiency; 
  8. - Financial Market Development;
  9. - Technological Readiness;
  10. - Market Size;
  11. - Business Sophistication;
  12. - Innovation.

With the above in mind, our General Partners Network is structured in such a manner that each GP is aligned with the specific risk and opportunities inherent in the stage of economic maturity it focuses in.

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