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Urban Housing

One of the major challenges of the current century will prove to be the rapid rate of urbanization. Cities the world over are grappling with the challenges associated with this phenomena, one of which being urban housing that is affordable and adequate for various family sizes. Cities in developing countries are also on this list, and with the global drive going green, the challenge is now in developing housing that is urban and green. 

The socioeconomic challenges inherent in these countries create an even more opaque background. Wherein urban housing has always been bottlenecked by the fact that it is generally unaffordable, the Eco-friendly drive brings with it the challenges of having the solutions affordable as well.

Our Disruptive Market Wave in urban housing (through AffordUrban Housing Group, the end-picture XIII.P Signature Company) brings a basket of solutions that addresses affordability, location  and the need to be green. Regarding affordability, we have developed a finance repayment structure that reduces the monthly obligation on the side of the purchaser by around 40%, this without compromising the capital and interest targets of the financier. Regarding location, we shall adopt a "purchase, demolish to develop" approach of well located properties. Regarding being green, we shall make use of the latest methods in good practice as they are developed the world over.

The initial economy that AffordUrban Housing Group will focus on is South Africa, where the housing backlog for affordable urban housing remains quite dire, more especially for the emerging middle-class. The entity that will carry this out is AffordUrban Housing South Africa.

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